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JCreator is a powerful IDE for Java -
JCreator is a Java IDE created by Xinox Software. Its interface is similar to that of Microsoft's Visual Studio. Because it is programmed entirely in C++, (with exception to the first version (0.1) which was Java-based [1] ), Xinox Software has asserted that JCreator is faster than competing Java-based Java IDEs.

JBuilder -
Borland JBuilder is a Java IDE for Windows, Solaris, and Linux. They offer a few different JBuilder versions:
JBuilder Enterprise Edition (lots of J2EE support including UML and app server integration),
JBuilder Developer Edition (missing some of the enterprise edition features, but still suppports applets, applications, JSP, servlets, Struts, unit testing, and team development).
JBuilder Foundation Edition (free version offering most of the JBuilder capabilities).
JBuilder WebLogic Edition (enterprise edition customized for BEA WebLogic)

Eclipse -
clipse is a multi-language software development environment comprising an integrated development environment (IDE) and an extensible plug-in system. It is written primarily in Java and can be used to develop applications in Java and, by means of various plug-ins, other languages including C, C++, COBOL, Python, Perl, PHP, Scala, Scheme and Ruby (including Ruby on Rails framework). The IDE is often called Eclipse ADT for Ada, Eclipse CDT for C/C++, Eclipse JDT for Java and Eclipse PDT for PHP.

NetBeans IDE -
NetBeans IDE 6.9.1. Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris. NetBeans IDE is open-source and free.
The NetBeans IDE is written in Java and runs everywhere where a JVM is installed.

Java SE Downloads -
JDK Download.



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